How Much Do Dog Walkers Charge in the UK?

How much do Dog walkers charge

If you’re looking to dog walking as a job in the UK, you want to set your price right. Are you a customer looking for the right price for dog walkers? Are you a potential dog walker unsure how to price your services? How much do dog walkers charge in the UK?

Dog walkers charge anywhere between £9 – £20 ($11.76 – $26.13) per walk per dog. The national average goes at £9.35 ($12.22), which the cost changing depending on location. Dog walkers also offer other services with dog walking, including pet sitting and other dog care.

Curious about how dog walkers fare and what comes with the cost of hiring them? Let’s take a look below and see why dog walking is a viable job prospect.

dog walking charges in the UK
Dog walking charges?

How Much Do Dog Walkers Charge in the UK?

In the UK, dog walkers will charge you between £9 – £20 ($11.76 – $26.13) per 20-minute walk per dog. Some dog walking businesses charge less, around £5 – £8 ($6.53 – $10.45) if you agree to group your dog. The national average for dog walking in the UK is £9.35 ($12.22).

The annual median salary for dog walkers goes between £11,517 – £34,438 ($15,046 – $44991). The upper limit puts dog walking at above the national median salary in the UK. The average Brit gets around £28,677 ($37465) per year.

These prices fluctuate from business to business, with different factors affecting price points. Some of these factors include:

  • Location
  • Add-on services
  • Number of dogs walked
  • Pickup and drop off charges
  • Dog walker insurance and certifications
  • Holiday charges

As you can see, there are a ton of other details that go into what dog walkers charge. It can look like it’s a straightforward charge for walking your dog, but it’s not. Caring for your dog has extra details that come into it.

For example, every dog walking session can include an initial setup visit for free. This will allow the dog walker to become familiar with your pets first, as a sort of trust-building. The dog walker will try to understand your dog’s level of socialization and temperament too. If your dog walker does some pet sitting for you, they will also familiarize themselves around the house.

The usual minimum amount of time dog walking services provide is around 20 minutes. You can opt for more, getting a better price the longer the walks you ask. Dog walkers then to go on intervals of 20 and 50 minutes. These services set an extra 10 minutes for pickup and dropoff of your dog.

If you’re looking to see how the prices fluctuate, here’s a rundown of what can change the price of dog walking services.

Dog Walkers Charge More By Location

For dog walking, one of the biggest reasons why prices vary is the location. In the UK, different cities command different prices, with London commanding the highest premium. For example, locales outside London fetch somewhere around £5 – £10 ($6.53 – $13.06). This price goes up to £20 ($26.12) when in London, but why?

To get the obvious aside, the cost of living within London is far more expensive compared to other regions. Dog walking is a premium service and hence commands a premium price for those who can’t walk their dogs. The same price point should be almost the same as in Oxford.

Another reason why such services are more expensive is the premium space. Aside from parks, there aren’t many places to have dogs walk around. While most dog owners will likely bring them to these parks, not many have time. Those who don’t have time pay for dog walkers to help their beloved puppers stay healthy.

Special walks in further locations are also more expensive. Seaside walks can cost more if they’re further away from the city. Dog walks in forests and bushlands outside the city will also cost a few pounds more than other places.

Dog Walker Add-On Services

In dog walking, add-on services are a way dog walkers try to upsell their customers. To turn more profit, dog walkers will likely offer some extra ways to keep their clients happy.

For example, some dog walkers also offer dog sitter services to homes who need someone at home. This service can last a few hours at a time, usually the length of a night out. It will entail a bit of training, feeding, walks, and changing their water.

If you’re going out of town, dog walkers can also offer temporary dog boarding services. These tend to last for a few calendar days during your vacation time.

Number of Dogs Walked Per Session

The number of dogs walked tends to vary the price, depending on the circumstances. If you have many dogs, some dog walkers are happy to take one for free or at a discounted price. More dogs will always result in a better price for every succeeding cost.

Most of the prices that dog walkers charge are at an assumption that dogs can walk with others. This tends to be an expected outcome for dogs with proper socialization. If your dog is having a problem dealing with other dogs, your dog will go into isolated walks. Individual dog walks can be very expensive.

Individual dog walks are a special service reserved for dogs who pick fights with other dogs in the pack.

Dog Walker Pickup and Dropoff

Pickup and dropoff charges are a common extra cost of hiring a dog walker in the UK. Most dog owners tend to have dog walkers go to their homes and pick up their dogs. When this happens, dog walkers tend to charge an extra £1 ($1.31) for every kilometer of commute. Some dog walking services only charge after the fifth kilometer, but that depends on the locale.

The charges they will ask for will also vary depending on the service. You would need to pay for the commute of your dog walker. If you ask them to bring your pet for a forest or seaside walk, you also need to pay extra for the entire trip.

Experience and Insurance

Dog walkers who have good experience with dogs will cost more to hire than others. Unlike a newbie, you’re paying for the expertise and delicacy of a trained dog walker. If you have a difficult dog to deal with, you likely would need someone with experience.

Dog walking services with insurance will also cost you more. Why would you need dog walker insurance? Having the service insured makes sure that you get to protect yourself in case of an accident. If you have a destructive dog or they get into an accident, insurance will handle everything, including medical.

Holidays and After-Hours

Dog walkers charge more in the UK during the holidays and after-hours. Most of the time, the charge for service during the holidays is over time, around double the normal charge. After-hours cost should be around 30% more than the normal price. After-hours is anytime after 7 PM.

Some Considerations When Hiring Dog Walkers

When dealing with a dog walking transaction, you need to have a few considerations. If you’re the one hiring, you would want to temper your expectations on what they can do for you. Take time to consider a few crucial details.

For starters, consider if you have a dog that can deal with other dogs. Dog walkers tend to bunch dogs together in a walk, so you want to make sure your dog can thrive. Most dog walkers will do their best to socialize your dog with others. They will make sure that the experience is not stressful for your dog.

If you think your dog is a handful or you want them by themselves, consider individual dog walks instead. It’s more expensive, but it’s less stressful for your dog.

Consider the breed of your dog too. Bigger breeds like sporting dogs would need a more experienced handler to walk them. Some breeds like Labradors and Huskies have very high energy and would need long walks.

Low energy dogs like Bulldogs, Great Danes, and Bull Mastiffs don’t need as many walks. You can get the shortest service you can for them.

If you have a location preference on where you want your dog walked, tell the dog walker. Be ready to pay for a more premium service, even a 1 on 1 for your little fur baby. Tell your dog walker if you also want them to socialize your dog.


So, how much do dog walkers charge in the UK? Dog walkers will charge you around ten to twenty quid, depending on the circumstances. Different details such as location, number of dogs, and type of care can cost you a bit more.

If you’re looking to get your dog under a dog walker’s care, you need to have careful considerations. See if the dog walker has enough skill and experience to handle your little baby. Bigger, more energetic dogs would need people with more experience handling dogs.

If you’re a dog walker, consider your experience on what charges you’re going to ask. Consider getting yourself insurance to make sure that you and the dogs under your care are safe. If you can, look for ways to get more training on how to deal with dogs.

Do you think these charges are right for dog walkers in the UK? Take our guide and see if these can help you today.


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