How To Maximize Your Online Presence Using Facebook For Dog Walking

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How to Effectively Market Your Pet Business on Facebook.


Setting up a Facebook profile for your business is a great way to increase your customer base with a minimum of difficulty. From wedding bands to local florists, millions are using this resource to grow their reputation – so why not join them? For starters, it’s free! Not only that, but it is chock full of potential clients in your area code!

But is having a Facebook presence really that strong a marketing technique? Yes, but only if you go about it the right way. With that, here’s a step by step guide on how to maximize your online presence using Facebook. Get these steps right and you’re off to a great start!

Click ‘Create’ – Find this at the top of your Facebook page and then you will be given the options below:


create a page for dogwalking
create a page for dogwalking

Fill In the details and you’re ready to start creating!



1: Choosing a template.

It may sound complicated, but thankfully, Facebook has made sure that this is a relatively easy step in the process, offering a selection of 10 templates to choose from. Whether your business is dog walking, grooming, pet sitting, or pet photography, choosing the ‘services’ template will best fit your company’s goals.

However, if you plan to sell a product, say for example dog treats; the ‘shopping’ template is more geared toward your needs.

Templates also provide the user with a selection of default buttons and tabs, which are intuitively designed for ease of use. However, should you find something lacking, you can customize by adding in extra tabs, or removing existing ones at any time.


Go To: Home > Settings > Templates and Tabs > Select Template


choosing a template on facebook
choosing a template on facebook


2: Adding eye-catching images.

Leaving a Facebook business profile bereft of imagery is a sure-fire way to ensure that it goes largely ignored. Peoples’ attention spans are shorter than you’d think, so grab your prospective clients’ attention immediately using clear, eye-catching imagery.

Consider using a photo of one of your more photogenic clients’ Pets, or your business logo perhaps. Naturally, using a professional photo is preferable, but on a budget and with a keen eye, results are possible. 

It’s important to remember, however, that the thumbnail for your profile picture is quite small (180×180 pixels), so avoid any imagery overladen with text. The cover is much more compatible with detailed images and texts at 820×312 pixels.

In this space, you are given a chance to truly put your image out there. A cover can even be a slideshow reel or a video. Whatever images you choose, it’s recommended that you first edit the image to suit the space. There are plenty of photo editing apps out there that will help you on your way.


Facebook will ask you to set your Profile and Cover pictures by default when setting up your page

Profile picture and wallpaper
Profile picture and Cover pic



3: Detailing your location.

Yes, this does seem like such an obvious step, but it’s surprising how often people miss it entirely! Essentially, what this boils down to, is that if you haven’t inputted your location correctly, very few people are going to find your page.

When creating your page, it’s best to add your location in both the ‘about’ section and in your bio. This way there can be no confusion, and later, if you choose to avail of Facebook’s targeted advertising algorithms, your advert will be seen by those in your location specifically.

If, however, you’re one of the many who aren’t all that keen on giving away your home address online, there is a workaround that will ensure that your page is still seen by the right people. Simply fill in the ‘service area’ section with up to ten areas you will work within. This will then act as a general location for your potential client base.


Go To: Home > Edit Page Info >


Editing Location
Editing Location


4: Detailing services provided.

It’s always best to remove any doubt from your potential customers’ minds as to what it is you do. In the services section of your page, add a list of services you provide, alongside prices and pictures.

Be clear and concise in your descriptions and you’re sure to garner the attention your business deserves.


add a service
add a service


5: Setting up your ‘call to action’ button.

By setting up a ‘call to action’, you give your client base a method of contacting you immediately. This is important as many of your potential clientele can and will look elsewhere if the contact process is complicated or slow.

This button is displayed at the top of your page and can be used by customers to make bookings or ask questions regarding prices or services rendered. 


Go To: >Home Page


Call to action
Call to action



6: Describing your business.

By filling in the ‘story’ and short description sections of your page, you’re effectively giving people a chance to learn a little bit about you and what you do. Should it be the case that your Facebook page is the only online presence you have, it’s key that you choose your wording wisely.

Pack in as much detail as you possibly can into the 255-character long description section.

Focus on announcing yourself to the world with as little ‘fluff’ as possible. Tell people who you are, what you do, and where you do it. Don’t worry too much about tone in this section, as you can later add your marketing pitch in full detail in the ‘story’ section.


Go To: Home > Edit Page Info


describe your business
describe your business


7: Choosing a username.

The importance of this step can’t be stressed enough. Your username simply must be easily searchable. For best results, set your page name to something which will appear near the top of the suggested pages after a search request has been sent.

Generally, the most effective usernames incorporate the name of the business along with its location. 


Go To: Home > About > Username >Edit


Changing your username
Changing your username



8: Filling in the ‘about’ section.

Though your page will already be fairly fact-dense, it can’t hurt to flesh it out just that little bit more. The ‘about’ section gives the user the ability to do precisely that.

Get your contact details in there again. Add any awards or reviews your company may have received. Introduce a team member or two to add that personal touch. 


Go To: Home > About


If you cant see the about button, you can find by clicking the ‘See More’ button on the left-hand side column of the page

About page
About page



9: Putting yourself out there.

Now that your page is complete, it’s time to put your name out there. Add content to your page. Post relevant articles. Ask people you know to ‘like’ your page. Let your own unique voice be heard.

Tip: if you have an Instagram account, you can connect both Facebook and Instagram. Once they are connected, any photos you take can automatically be posted directly to your Facebook page.


Pet Owner, business owner and blog writer for many years. Simply walking my own dogs has led me down the path to becoming a full-time dog walker! Is there a better business to be in?

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