My Ten Essentials For Dog Walking Professionals.

Walking a dog is a great experience, We personally do it to make a living so I am pleased to present my own super essential list for Dog Walkers.
Here is my top essentials list that I will take out with me on every dog walk. I always feel just that little bit more secure when walking with my kit.  This is ideal on your regular family pet walks or as professional Dog Walker.


  • Mobile Phone/Cell Phone
  • Bumbag/ Utility Bag
  • Raincoat
  • Poo Bags
  • Treats
  • Whistle.
  • Antibacterial wipes.
  • Small flashlight
  • Snack
  • Water
  • Small first aid kit.
  • Money






No1. Mobile Phone/ Smart Phone (essential)

It is the only essential except for Poop Bags I will turn back for when going for a walk. For the hopefully rare unannounced emergency its reassuring to carry a Mobile/ Cell phone. Amongst the other uses for a phone, its great if your exploring new areas with your pets or walking buddies. Using google maps or equivalent can help you find those new unfound places to go.

if you use one of the great dog walking apps then you will need a smart phone. Many a walk I have captured some of the best and organic photos ever. finally, if your dog walking for a profession you will need to keep track of time.


No2. BumBag/ Utitliy Bag.

Whnn you need to carry the essentials in the list, it makes sense to get a Bumbag that’s totally fit for purpose. Not only comfortable but that is of a decent size. Some of the Bumbags have ringlets or a carabiner which is ideal if you need to have a couple of free hands whilst picking up poop or attending an emergency. Just hook up the lead/ leash!

Ideally the Utility Bag/ Bum Bag should have the following:

  • Dry area
  • Separate storage
  • Drinks bottle holder
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to open zips
  • Ring hook or Carabiner
  • Adjustable belt
  • Light/ modern material
  • Easy to clean


No.3 Waterproof Raincoat:

Something just a little waterproof for the occasion that it might rain at some point during a Walk.

In England we pretty much need one throughout the year. In Arizona or a sunshine state, perhaps you don’t require one, but It might be a good idea to carry some sun lotion to protect your skin?
There are plenty of small foldaway light raincoats suitable for essential list. Just remember to dress according to where you live.
If your road walk is early or later in the day then it might be a good idea to get a florescent rain coat/ band


No.4 Dog Treats:

Amongst all things, treats are a great way of both rewarding your pet and training/ behaviour. There are plenty of treats to choose from, Ideally small dry dog biscuits. Personally, I like to give my dogs organic treats. Make sure if you’re a professional dog walker that you have the owner’s permission before giving treats. Saying that, not one has ever rejected this…


No.5 Whistle.

I have used a whistle on all my dog walks, not only to let the dogs who do run off the lead, I want them to come when called but just in case there is ever an emergency and I need to attract some attention.
You don’t have to spend much money to get one of these, a plastic one costs nothing, and a metal one just a little bit more.


No.6 Antibacterial Wipes:

Although, I have 99% success with collecting dog Poop, I have had that very rare occasion where just somehow, the bag has split, I have come into contact! So, a good antibacterial wipe can be really essential for this…. Not that I felt like cutting off my hand or anything!
Also, if you get scratched by a dog, bush or thorns, you can wipe the wound at least to avoid any infection. Its an always in my essentials collection.


No.7 Small Flashlight or Head light.

Darker days or early mornings, it always helps to see where you are going and what you are doing. The confident of us might skip this or if you just day walk but I like to carry one anyway. Just make sure it’s a waterproof flashlight or Torch. The LED torches available at cheap prices are ace for this and they don’t weigh very much either


No.8 Quick Snack.

Carrying a snack is a good idea simply to keep you going whilst burning up calories, as a dog walker you can burn 500/600 calories per day easily walking dogs. Get a snack just in case you need one…My favourite is a flapjack and or a Banana.


No.9 Drinks/ Water

Don’t leave home without, The most multipurpose liquid to man or Dog. I don’t care for anything but plain water as it carries a multitude of purposes, mainly a drink whilst en-route and that’s always good, but other purposes I use it for including:

  • Quick quench for a Dog
  • Cleaning equipment or clothes
  • Hot days for poring over my face/ head.
  • Washing hands if no wipes


No.10 Small first aid kit.

You never really know what’s to come In front of you each day. We all do our very best to avoid trouble or injury, but it just makes sense to carry the basic First Aid Kit. Even plasters for small cuts or just to dress a dog paw in the unfortunate case. At least you stand better chance of not worsening anything.


Money. (optional)

I do like to carry some small change with me. If you need to buy anything, at least you have the option. Bear in mind if you use apple pay or similar on a smart phone you could just rely on that source of funds. I just like to have all bases covered.


So, there is my roundup of the top essentials all dog walkers – professional or leisure should have.
For me it’s the reassurance I cover bases and simply to shut the door on problems that could arise whilst walking.

And for those who are not so prepared, please just take some Poop Bags at least…








Pet Owner, business owner and blog writer for many years. Simply walking my own dogs has led me down the path to becoming a full-time dog walker! Is there a better business to be in?

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